2001 Covenant Conference

Christ Transforming Culture: Why the Church Matters in the 21st Century

Pasadena Presbyterian Church, Pasadena, California


On Webs (and Networks) of Hope
Deborah A. Block

Paradise Postponed: Or, What Do We Do ‘Til Then?
Peter J. Gomes, Plummer Professor and Preacher to Harvard University

Jesus Christ, God’s Welcome
Letty Russell, Professor of Theology Emerita, Yale University

Christ and Culture Revisited
Jack Stotts, President Emeritus, Austin Theological Seminary

Missional Questions
Cynthia Campbell, President, McCormick TheologicalSeminary

The Church We Are Called to Be
Jack Rogers, Professor of Theology Emeritus, San Francisco Theological Seminary, and Moderator of the 213th General Assembly

Sermon:   Add Another Leaf to the Table
Barbara Anderson, Co-Pastor, Pasadena [CA] Presbyterian Church

Sermon:   Accepted and Rejected
Mauricio Chacon, Pastor, Iglesia Presbiteriana de la Mision, San Francisco

Sermon:   Jesus Transforming the Culture and the Church
Jean Kim, Founding Pastor, Church of the Magdalene, Seattle

Sermon:   What Makes You Cry?
J. Oscar McCloud, Associate Pastor, Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church



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