1998 Covenant Conference

Living Faithfully in the Church When We Disagree

Montview Boulevard Presbyterian Church,  Denver, Colorado


Guided by the Confessions: A Conversation Over Time
Cynthia Campbell, President, McCormick Theological Seminary

Can Unity Survive the Battle between Peace and Purity? Ordination as a Test Case for Denominational Identity
Fred Holper, Professor of Preaching and Worship, McCormick Theological Seminary

Fostering Theological Inquiry When We Disagree: A Dispatch from the Front
Douglas Ottati, Professor of Theology & Ethics, Union Theological Seminary (Richmond)

Reading the Bible: The Presbyterian Way
Jack Rogers, Vice President, Professor of Theology, San Francisco Theological Seminary

Sermon:  “Old Grain, New Grace
Joanna Adams, Pastor, Trinity Presbyterian Church, Atlanta

Sermon:   “Becoming the Body”
John Buchanan, Pastor, Fourth Presbyterian Church, Chicago

Sermon:   “(Some) Pharisees, Gnats, and Weighty Matters
Michael Livingston, Campus Pastor and Director of the Chapel, Princeton Theological Seminary

Sermon:   “When You Don’t Know What to Do
Douglas Oldenburg, President, Columbia Theological Seminary, and Moderator of the 210th General Assembly

Prayers of the People
Pamela Byers, Executive Director, Covenant Network of Presbyterians

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