2010 Conference Preachers

Clifton Kirkpatrick is the President of the World
Alliance of ReformedChurches (WARC),
which serves 214 Presbyterian, Reformed and Congregational Churches from 107 nations. His long service to the Presbyterian Church (USA) includes twelve years as the Stated Clerk and fifteen years as Director of the Worldwide Ministries Division of the PC(USA). He is currently Visiting Professor for Ecumenical Studies and Global Ministries at Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary. He and his wife Diane, recently retired from leadership in Habitat for Humanity, rejoice in two children and three granddaughters.

Katie Morrison is an ordained UCC pastor living  in Oakland, CA with her partner Curran Reichert (also a UCC pastor) and their 10-month-old daughter, Ellis. After serving congregations in Illinois and California, Katie is currently between church calls and is relishing the opportunity to live into her newer calling as a mom- physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. In 2001, Katie became the first openly gay candidate for ministry in the PC(USA) to be ordained. Katie is looking forward to being rejoined with her justice-seeking colleagues in the PC(USA) for the weekend.

David A. Van Dyke is pastor of House
of Hope Presbyterian Church in St. Paul,
Before joining House of Hope in 2007, he was pastor of Broad Street Presbyterian Church in Columbus, OH, which hosted our 2006 Covenant Conference. David is Co-Moderator of Covenant Network and serves on the board of McCormick Theological Seminary. He and his wife Nancy have two children, Zoe (a Youth Advisory Delegate to the 2006 G.A.) and Max.

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