Past Covenant Conferences

  • The 1998 Covenant Conference in Denver on Living Faithfully in the Church When We Disagree, with Jack Rogers’s keynote address on “Reading the Bible the Presbyterian Way”
  • The 1999 Covenant Conference in Atlanta on Jesus Christ and the Church, with Douglas John Hall and Barbara Wheeler keynoting
  • The 2000 Covenant Conference in Pittsburgh on Biblical Authority and the Church, keynoted by Walter Brueggemann, William Placher, and Brian Blount
  • The 2001 Covenant Conference in Pasadena on Christ Transforming Culture, with keynotes by Peter Gomes and Jack Rogers
  • The 2002 Covenant Conference in Minneapolis on Confessing Christ Today, keynoted by Shirley Guthrie
  • The 2003 Covenant Conference in Washington, DC on The Church We Are Called to Be and to Become, with a keynote dialogue between Barbara Wheeler and Richard Mouw
  • The 2004 Covenant Conference in Chicago, Made in the Image of God: Thinking Theologically about Sex, keynoted by Luke Timothy Johnson and Jack Stotts
  • The 2005 Covenant Conference in Memphis, Disciples in Community, keynoted by Kathleen Norris
  • The 2006 Covenant Conference in Columbus, Discerning the Call, which celebrated the 50th anniversary of women’s ordination as ministers
  • The 2007 Covenant Conference in Atlanta, Testimony, with presentations by Anna Carter Florence and Beverly Roberts Gaventa
  • The 2008 Covenant Conference in Minneapolis, Covenant: God Is Faithful Still, keynoted by Walter Brueggemann and Stacy Johnson
  • The 2009 Covenant Conference in Cleveland, The Church We Can See From Here, with addresses by Mark Achtemeier, Kenda Dean, Eddie Glaude, and Dawne Moon and respondent Ted Smith
  • The 2010 Covenant Conference in Houston, We Are Family: Celebrating the Whole Household of God, with addresses by Robert Dykstra, Margaret Aymer, and David Myers
  • The 2011 Covenant Conference in Durham, Reconciling: Voices, Visions, Vocations, with addresses by James Calvin Davis and Frances Taylor Gench
  • The 2013 Covenant Conference in Chicago, Marriage Matters, with addresses by Macky Alston, Amy Plantinga Pauw, and William Stacy Johnson
  • The 2015 Covenant Conference in Denver, Unity Matters, with addresses by Cynthia Rigby, Clifton Kirkpatrick, and J. Herbert Nelson.

Regional Conferences

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