Relating, “Knowing One,” and Politics in the Church

Dawne Moon, addressing the 2009 Conference It’s really great for me to be here, because Presbyterians were actually my first contact with people who believed there was a place for gay people in the church. My best friend’s family when I was growing up were members of Downtown United Presbyterian Church in Rochester, New York. […]

Which side are you on? And are there more than two?

– Cynthia M. Campbell   In the debate about the status of gay and lesbian members of the Presbyterian Church (USA), it sometimes seems as though the only options are “for” and “against.” Either one condemns homosexuality as contrary to God’s will or one affirms homosexual persons and puts discussion of appropriate behavior off limits. […]

What could bring a person to change his or her mind about sexuality and ordination? What happened in your case?

– Jack Rogers … I had often said that I could not change my position on homosexuality unless I was convinced by Scripture. By studying the Bible in its historical and cultural context and through the lens of Jesus’ redeeming life and ministry, I have now been convinced that Scripture does not condemn, as such, the […]

Would inclusivity alienate our global partner churches?

– M. Thomas Thangaraj If the Presbyterian Church (U. S. A.) decides to recognize the Christian discipleship of gay and lesbian persons and offer them ordination to the ministry of the church, will it affect their ecumenical relations with their partner churches all over the world, especially the ones in the so-called Third World? I […]

How might we respond in debates among Christians on homosexuality when told to “love the sinner but hate the sin”?

– Robert C. Dykstra In most every charged discussion among Christians on homosexuality, someone will rise to insist that the church’s proper response is to love the sinner but hate the sin. This pithy saying draws from among the most potent words in the theological lexicon – sinner and sin, love and hate. Yet seldom […]

Is there room in the PC(USA) for those of differing orientations?

Jeanne Stevenson-Moessner … The hushed question that we are cautious to articulate is whether the church will be able to give bearings to and accommodate those of differing orientations. Will you and I and those who differ from you and me be able to find our way home from the landmark of our church? Is […]