Chick-fil-A: My take

Ruling Elder Jean Reinhold, Cleveland Heights, Ohio, reflects on the Chick-fil-A controversy: “Whether they know it or not, everyone knows a gay person. Everyone’s life has been positively impacted by someone who is gay — a teacher, a doctor, a dentist, a hospice worker. There are millions of gay people living in God’s loving covenant. Throngs of gay Christians worship a compassionate God. The only way for me to help people understand that, and know who I am, is by meeting me. Stories change minds.”

What Now?

An essay by Covenant Network Director Barbara Wheeler, published in the Spring 2012 issue of Insights: The Faculty Journal of Austin Seminary. “The Church Faces Schism” is the focus of the issue.

Hope for the PCUSA: Join the Conversation

Where do you see God in Christ at work in the PCUSA? You are invited to join the conversation initiated by our GA Moderator and Vice-Moderator.

Reforming the Ties that Bind

James Calvin Davis, author of In Defense of Civility, was a plenary speaker at the 2011 Covenant Conference in Durham, NC. Davis has summarized his plenary address, to share on the web. An audiotape of his full address is available for purchase.

2011 Covenant Conference!

Learning to live out the ministry of reconciliation entrusted to us
– in our church, our communities, and our world.

Join us November 3-5, at First Presbyterian, Durham, NC

Commending Dialogue, Including on Ordination Standards (2/11)

Meeting in Atlanta earlier this week, the Board of Directors of the Covenant Network commented on ongoing cross-boundary conversations within the denomination, and celebrated progress in voting on Amendment 10-A.