GA 223 Preview: Committee 14 – Taking Our Confession to the Next Level … the Here and Now

The assembly’s theological issues committee (#14) has responsibility for the Book of Confessions. In 2014-15, as the PCUSA considered adding the Confession of Belhar to our Constitution, the Covenant Network was proud to help organize in presbyteries to support an affirmative vote. We believe Belhar speaks a word today as relevant as ever, and one particular action will help its timeless content speak to our current reality.

GA 223 Preview: Committee 6 – Supporting Marriage For All, Preserving the Church’s Unity

With friends across the church, the Covenant Network rejoiced when the church opened the door to same-sex marriages in Presbyterian churches in 2015. Since then, congregations across the PCUSA have celebrated God’s gift of covenant love and witnessed the uniting of couples whose relationship the church would once have rejected. But a painful reality is that the church is still living into what that means, and the Assembly Committee on Church Polity and Ordered Ministries (Committee #6) is addressing one challenging aspect of that reality.

GA223 Preview: Committee 11 – Affirming and Supporting All God’s People in Church and Society

For the third Assembly in a row, matters of sexual orientation and gender identity do not have their own committee. Rather, they are part of the Assembly Committee on Social Justice Issues (#11). That group has a very full agenda filled with a wide range of matters affecting the church’s witness for equity, fairness and wholeness. A committee focused on God’s justice is a wonderful place for LGBTQ people to be celebrated, included and supported in church and society.

An Update on Our Ministry … And How Your Help This Month Really Matters

If you are reading this, I already know that you care about the church and its welcome of people of diverse sexual orientations and gender identities—which means you also know the challenges that persist in the PCUSA: Presbyteries that have yet to ordain an openly gay minister … Congregations that do not permit same-sex weddings […]

Join Us at the 223rd General Assembly … Or Help Make Our Witness Possible!

The Covenant Network of Presbyterians will be in St. Louis, June 15-23, and we hope you will be too! Volunteer, join us for a meal, or work with us on important issues facing this Assembly. If you can’t be there, consider supporting our presence.