Marriage matters… to pastors and parishioners

Baron Mullis: “I want to tell you about the couple whose wedding I’m not officiating this week.”

Presbyteries vote for better translation, clearer standards

The Covenant Network rejoices in the approval of a new translation of the Heidelberg Catechism for the Book of Confessions. It also is thankful for the defeat of Amendment 12-B, which would have added unnecessary language to the ordination standards newly approved in 2011.

Two Ordinations: Reflections from Nancy Enderle

The Rev. Nancy Hutchison Enderle served the Covenant Network of Presbyterians as Interim Executive Director in 2011-12. As she prepared to conclude her service, Nancy shared her reflections at the Commissioners Convocation Dinner the night before the 220th General Assembly (2012) convened in Pittsburgh:

I’d like to start these comments with the tale of two ordinations….

O Church, What Does the Lord Require of You

A sermon on Micah 6:6-8 by Randy Bush: “Once the evangelical commotion of the modern church is turned down for a moment, the wisdom of other people of faith can be heard again. Mahatma Gandhi once said: I told the missionaries to refrain from telling India about Christ and merely live the life set before them by the Sermon on the Mount. India then, instead of suspecting them, would have appreciated and directly profited from their presence. Malcolm X once said: Don’t condemn a person who has a dirty glass of water. Just show them the clean glass of water that you have. When they inspect it, you won’t have to say that yours is better.”

Scott Anderson’s Keynote – CovNet GA Luncheon

“I speak of imagination because I believe there is a movement afoot in our world. A movement for civil rights? Well yes, that’s a big part of the story. A justice movement to address ancient prejudices and right ancient wrongs? Well, of course. But there is a deeper, wider, larger movement that permeates these smaller ones. The movement of God, the One who has gone way out in front of us in the church on a mission to heal, and to reconcile, and to restore all of creation, the One whose gracious hand is visibly evident, I believe, in all of these unimaginables we are now experiencing, signs of the nearness of God’s reign.”

Co-Moderators’ Statement on Actions of the 220th GA

For many years, votes on ordination standards have been a focal point for General Assemblies.  We are gratified that, this year, the progress accomplished through Amendment 10-A has been strongly ratified with little drama.  We are grateful for the pastoral statement issued by the 220th GA, which reminds the church that Presbyterians hold different views of Scriptural […]