Ruling Elder, Ordained 1984.

I grew up in the Presbyterian Church, all my grandparents were active, and my Dad is a retired Presbyterian minister. After graduation from Eckerd College, I wanted  to be active in my new church, and was ordained as elder, then deacon with full support of my associate pastor, who knew of the relationship with my partner.  However, after he left, I did not have the same support from the head pastor. This was a struggle for me for many years, as I lived with my partner but didn’t feel that I could be out at church. Upon moving to a new city, I contacted the MCC for information and after hearing my story, they directed me to my current Presbyterian Church. I have been attending there since 1994 and really appreciate the inclusiveness that they offer to all people. I have served on the session several times, and seen the LGBT community  there grow in so many aspects. We have many families with children (some adopted) of all ages, and I am pleased that we continue to grow. We have a nice mix of children and adults who consider themselves “all family.”

I support the Covenant Network as I believe it helps fight for us all, as humans, and brings awareness to so many in areas of our community and the country who might not normally think of these issues.

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