Former Moderators Endorse the Call

Covenant Network is pleased to announce that the Call to Covenant Community has been affirmed by 20 former General Assembly Moderators.

In inviting their signatures, Covenant Network Co-Moderators John Buchanan and Robert Bohl wrote,

As former General Assembly Moderators, we share a special fellowship. We have had the unique privilege of serving the whole Presbyterian Church (USA) and experiencing its rich diversity. We have seen its vital ministries and its essential witness, and we know it is worth preserving and strengthening.

The Call to Covenant Community arises from our passionate commitment to helping our beloved church find a way to live together, even as we struggle to discern God’s will for particular issues.

    Former Moderators Endorse Call to Covenant Community

  • Susan Andrews – 215th G.A. PC(USA)
  • Thelma Adair — 188th G.A., UPCUSA
  • Dorothy Barnard — 121st G.A., PCUS
  • Robert Bohl — 206th G.A., PC(USA)
  • John Buchanan — 208th G.A., PC(USA)
  • James Costen — 194th G.A., UPCUSA
  • John Fife — 204th G.A., PC(USA)
  • Freda Gardner — 211th G.A., PC(USA)
  • Robert Lamar — 186th G.A., UPCUSA
  • William Lytle –190th G.A., UPCUSA
  • Harriet Nelson — 196th G.A., PC(USA)
  • Douglas Oldenburg — 210th G.A., PC(USA)
  • Howard Rice — 191st G.A., UPCUSA
  • Isabel Rogers — 199th G.A., PC(USA)
  • Jack Rogers — 213th G.A., PC(USA)
  • Randolph Taylor — 195th G.A., PC(USA)
  • William Thompson — 167th G.A., UPCUSA
  • Herbert Valentine — 203rd G.A., PC(USA)
  • Benjamin Weir — 198th G.A., PC(USA)
  • Albert Winn — 119th G.A., PCUS

(Freda Gardner [211th G.A., PC(USA)] and Douglas Oldenburg [210th G.A., PC(USA)] affirmed the Call to Covenant Community after completing their moderatorial terms.)

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