Western North Carolina

The Western North Carolina chapter of the Covenant Network includes active and actively retired clergy, elders, and other lay people, particularly from the Asheville area.  Meeting 7 or 8 times a year, usually on Tuesday afternoons at 4 p.m. at First Presbyterian Church in Asheville, the chapter has more than 30 Presbyterians on its mailing list.

The chapter sponsors “Welcome Home,” a group of parents, friends, and gay and lesbian Presbyterians, which gathers separately for fellowship, support and study, approximately 6 times a year in different Asheville area churches and homes.

The Covenant Network chapter was organized in January 2002 to work for passage in the Presbytery of Western North Carolina of a constitutional amendment intended to remove barriers to ordination of qualified g/l/b/t Presbyterians, an effort that was defeated.  However in 2008, the Presbytery of WNC became, by voting for Amendment 08-B, the first of 34 presbyteries nationally to switch from opposition to, to support of the ordination of g/l/b/t Presbyterians.   The WNC Covenant Network chapter had worked actively for the change.  In 2011 the Presbytery voted in favor of Amendment 10-A by an even wider margin.

Contact:  Rev. Dr. Dave Nash

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