Missouri Union


The members of the Freedom to Serve Partnership meet every fourth Tuesday of the month, with the exception of November and December, at Trinity Presbyterian Church, 1600 W. Rollins Street, Columbia, MO, at 3:00 p.m. Meetings generally last one hour.


The Freedom to Serve Partnership is a group in Missouri Union Presbytery open to ministers and lay people who wish to engage in study, prayer, and dialogue on matters of human sexuality as they relate to Christian faith and practice. Our purposes are:

  • Gather educational materials for Missouri Union Presbytery.
  • Provide opportunities for sharing information and feelings.
  • Create safe spaces for discussion of sexual orientation.
  • Encourage the adoption of inclusive policies that promote full and equal access to all levels of participation for all members of the Presbyterian Church (USA).


Contact person and email Co-convener Pam Sebastian or any of our members who are:

Rev. A. John Anderson (retired)
Mrs. Dorothy Angell
Rev. James Blanton (founder, retired)
Rev. Brian Butler
Mr. Rolf Christen
Dr. James Craigmile
Kathleen Edwards
Barbara Garrison
Mary S. Harris
Brooks Heaton
Rev. Charlene Heaton (former convener)
Rev. David Henry
Rev. Jay Ketchie (retired)
Rev. Timothy Kiser
Ms. Kathryn Knipschild
Dr. Wallis D. Landrum
Brevard Law
Rev. James Long (co-convener)
Rev. George McCall (former convener, retired)
Rev. Raymond Massey
Rev. Ichiro Matsuda (retired)
Rev. Carolyn Pratt (deceased)
Rev. Ronald Roberts (semi-retired)
Rev. Pam Sebastian (co-convener)
Dr. Milo & Norma Spurgeon
Rev. John Swisher
Rev. Mary Ellen Waychoff
Barbara Weir
Dr. William Young

We respect the request of any of our members to particpate anonymously.

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