Faithful Friends

Located in the Huntington area, Faithful Friends is a group where people of all walks of life are strengthened, empowered and encouraged to actively live and share the radical good news of God’s love and grace in Jesus Christ, for all humanity.  We offer a safe haven for inclusive worship and fellowship and open discussion; we welcome everyone, encourage questions, trust the Scriptures as foundational for our faith, and seek spiritual growth in a world of questionable values.

Faithful Friends seeks to provide

  • An open forum for Christians in our area to discuss questions of faith and practice, including needs, hopes and concerns in our local churches.
  • A safe haven, support group and forum for marginalized GLBT people of faith and their families, and for moderate members of our area churches.
  • An opportunity for continuing education in subjects sometimes avoided in our communities and churches.
  • A fellowship for people raised in a fundamentalist arena, who may wish to question previous biblical teachings and grow in awareness of mainline theology.
  • A resource of information and communication among the Presbyterian churches in our tri-state region/quadrant.
  • Sound biblical teaching that is contextual and focuses on the authority of Jesus in matters of faithfulness to the text.

Hopefully, this  group of “faithful friends” may strengthen our local churches and bring back to the church some disenchanted members.  Our emphasis involves supporting our churches and local pastors.

Faithful Friends meets every Tuesday – first, second and fourth Tuesday gatherings at 4:00 p.m.; third Tuesdays at 6:00 p.m., with a potluck supper; and fifth Tuesdays optional for social gatherings such as dinner and a movie or a concert.  The location rotates among churches and homes.  Leadership is shared and approaches vary, including book reviews, contextual Bible study, prayer and spiritual development, visiting speakers, and exploration of theologians and of current events.  In addition to sexuality and other issues related to what’s going on in the PCUSA, topics for presentation and discussion have included (among others) divine justice and the prison system; Christian worship in a world of religious diversity;  Scripture, faith and the economy; church and state issues.

A related group, Open Arms, is designed to be a rich source of social and spiritual support for LGBT folks and their family and friends. 

For more information, contact Mike Ducheneau, Robin Blakeman, or Bob Bondurant.

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