About the Network

The Covenant Network of Presbyterians is a broad-based, national group of clergy and lay leaders working for a church that is simultaneously faithful, just, and whole. The Covenant Network seeks to:

  • support the mission and unity of the Presbyterian Church (USA);
  • articulate and act on the church’s historic, progressive vision;
  • work for a fully inclusive church;
  • find ways to live out the graciously hospitable gospel by living together with all our fellow members in the PC(USA).

You are invited to this covenant community of envisioning a graceful and inviting church – a church reaching out; offering the gospel to a world in need and gratefully welcoming the gifts of all whom God calls to ministry and service.

To join with other Presbyterians and make your commitment to envision a church that is as generous and just as God’s grace, please sign the Call to Covenant Community and make a donation here.

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