From Brian Ellison via The Covenant Network’s Twitter @CovNetPres:

First and most of all, we are thankful for faithful commissioners and advisory delegates, seeking the mind of Christ in committees and plenary under challenging circumstances, exhibiting grace, authenticity and hope. GA 225 took unprecedented and prophetic actions to make real our commitments to queer equity and inclusion, such as creating an LGBTQIA+ Equity Advocacy Committee and requiring diverse gender identities in future data-collecting efforts.

This General Assembly tended to numerous issues of race and gender, and we recognize the intersection of all struggles for equity and justice. We are particularly grateful for attention to the plight of trans people of color.

While disappointed in both the decision and process around how future General Assemblies will be conducted, we are at least grateful that GA 225 decided that plenary sessions at GA 226 will be in person. We call on the Office of the General Assembly to ensure time and space for input and community-building for all.

We’re thankful for the leadership of the co-moderators, the exceptional skill of GA 225 parliamentarian Tricia Dykers Koenig (a longtime friend of our network) and the hard work of the OGA staff to pull together this unusual assembly.

Finally, we are grateful for the congregations and individuals who have made our witness at GA 225 possible. We appreciate your support.

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