Looking Ahead to 2020: Expanding Our Ministry, But Only With Your Help

One after another, they told me about a church, a pastor, a candidate who was struggling.

I was at a gathering of church leaders from around the country. They all were trying—in one way or another—to help the church live into its promised welcome of LGBTQIA+ people, a promise made possible by changes to policies and reaffirmed by General Assembly actions. The Covenant Network of Presbyterians helped make those changes a reality. As I talked with those leaders, they told me the stories: About a congregation that is still bitterly divided on whether to allow a same-sex marriage in the sanctuary. About a pastor who has “come out,” now living an authentic life, but at the cost of his pulpit. About a candidate seeking a call who struggles to know what and when and with whom it was safe to share honestly about who they are and whom they love.

Although those leaders worked in diverse communities, they all agreed: The work of making the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) a place where all are welcome and affirmed is far from over. Our Covenant Conversations are now our signature events, daylong gatherings where we bring our resources for dialogue and learning into particular presbyteries and congregations around the country, fostering transformation and new understanding. The requests to host these events are rolling in. In 2020, we want to reach as many places as we can.

But here is a hard reality: Our budget for doing this and our other work has grown increasingly tight; indeed, our expenses are now outpacing our income, as congregations face their own tight budgets. (Even worse, some believe the need for this work has passed.)

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Only with your help can we continue to expand our ministry in 2020, which will mean…

  • Offering at least four more of these Covenant Conversations around the country, from the Pacific Northwest to the Carolinas, from the Midwest to the heart of Texas;
  • Strengthening our voice on the pressing issues of justice and inclusion in our day, including supporting global missions personnel and ecumenical partners as they proclaim equality in church and society around the world;
  • Helping congregations better serve and advocate for transgender and gender non-binary persons; and
  • Expanding our outreach and support for LGBTQIA ministers and candidates seeking calls, working with national and regional church leaders to ensure equality of access and consideration.

You have made possible the transformation of the PCUSA over these past two decades. And with your financial support, that transformation can continue. Won’t you consider a contribution? At a time when many churches are reducing their gifts to national organizations, might you consider an increase to sustain us in this essential work? I believe 2020 can be our most exciting and impactful year yet … but only with your help.

You can make an online gift right now by clicking here. If you prefer to send a check, you can mail it to 3210 Michigan Ave., Suite 300, Kansas City, MO 64109. (Check donations postmarked by December 31 will be fully tax-deductible in 2019.) And if you’re interested in discussing planned giving, wish to contribute stock or other investments, or have other questions, please contact us at 816.605.1031 or [email protected].

Thank you for your partnership in transforming the Church.

—Brian Ellison, executive director, and the 2019 Board of Directors

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