Faith Des Peres Presbyterian Church Joins Covenant Network

faith des peresThe Covenant Network is thrilled to be welcoming Faith Des Peres Presbyterian Church in St. Louis as the newest congregation to affirm the Call to Covenant Community and officially join in our work! The congregation of 140 members and friends has a long history of being an inclusive church, and has decided to move forward with a more public declaration of their beliefs.

According to Pastor Annie Epling, “Faith Des Peres is blessed to serve a welcoming group of people. People say, ‘I felt welcomed here.’ That’s a refreshing message to hear.” Given that Faith Des Peres is a smaller church surrounded by larger (and somewhat more conservative ones), Epling said joining CovNet is a way to say, amid the different voices in the church, “This is who we are. We believe in a God who welcomes.”

After a discussion in June about joining the network, the Session unanimously voted to approve it in July. The members of the Session are excited about this move, and affirm Covenant’s twin missions of inclusion and unity.  Faith Des Peres not only desires to be an inclusive church to the LGBTQ community, but also foster an environment where all people can worship together in the Church, despite differences in opinions.

Those commitments join the congregation’s strong record of working for social justice, as seen in the mission and outreach work they do in their local community. Working with transitional housing programs for women and children in the St. Louis area and healthcare reform programs, the congregation is now undertaking a new way to work toward a more generous and just world.

–Caroline Barnett

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