Hope for the PCUSA: Join the Conversation

At the beginning of the new year, General Assembly Moderator Cindy Bolbach and Vice-Moderator Landon Whitsitt hosted six other ruling and teaching elders for a conversation about their hopes for the Presbyterian Church (USA).

Please find their letter to the church and summary videos and respond to their invitation to add your own voice to the conversation.  According to Vice-Moderator Whitsitt, “We’re most interested in what you have to say…  Tell the church where you see God working.”


  1. Until Progressive leaders are welling to refute and admonish the Covenant Network for their new guidelines which state that those candidates who cannot for conscience sake ordain unrepentent LGBT persons cannot be ordained there is no future hope for Evangelicals or/and the orthodox in the PCUSA. (And I write this as an Elder who intends to stay in obedience to what God has asked of me.)

    This-below was written in the Guidelines in the context of ordaining LGBT persons.

    “General Assembly has affirmed that an examining body cannot excuse a candidate’s inability to perform the constitutional functions unique to his or her office (such as administration of the sacraments).”Consistent with this, a series of judicial cases has made clear that a presbytery may not ordain or install someone who declares that he will not participate in the ordination of women. Indeed, it is fundamental to our polity that the responsibility for assessing the fitness of officers-elect is vested in councils (sessions and presbyteries), not in individuals. Accordingly, the pastor who officiates at an ordination thereby performs a ministerial act that is required by the Constitution (not a discretionary one), and the act of officiating indicates neither approval nor disapproval of the congregation’s choice of leaders and council’s approval of them. This point pertains primarily to pastors, who must officiate at child baptisms, ordination and installation of church leaders, and the like. While candidates who cannot agree to perform such functions in conformity with Presbyterian polity may be fine Christians, they may not be ordained or installed in the PC(USA).”

    This really needs to be addressed before I could possibly write about hope for the orthodox in the PCUSA.

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