PCUSA Leaders Address the Church on the Approval of Amendment 10-A

Stated Clerk Gradye Parsons, Moderator Cindy Bolbach, GAMC Executive Director Linda Valentine, and Vice-Moderator Landon Whitsitt have sent a letter to the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) reflecting on the approval of Amendment 10-A by a majority of the presbyteries.   Read it here; the link also leads to other resources in Korean and Spanish as well as English, including liturgical suggestions, video messages, and Advisory Opinion and FAQ documents.  You can also join the discussion in the comment section.


  1. http://Greg%20Wood says

    If the thousands of people (me included) who are ranting on about the wonderfulness or horribleness of this decision would take that passion and energy and go share the gospel that “Jesus saves” with even one person, there would be a much bigger harvest for the Kingdom of God. Let’s quit arguing about the edges and share the point of the Gospel with a dying world.

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