Welcome to Five New Covenant Congregations

Covenant Network welcomes five new Covenant congregations whose sessions have affirmed the Call to Covenant Community in the past month.

Freedom Plains United Presbyterian Church, LaGrangeville, NY
Paul Lent, pastor

Formed by the merger earlier this year of Freedom Plains Presbyterian and First Presbyterian of Poughkeepsie, Freedom Plains United offers several Bible study groups, four bell choirs (as well as an adult choir), health and wellness programs through its parish nurse, and a number of mission projects including Habitat for Humanity.  Many members just participated in the CROPWalk, raising money to alleviate hunger.

Shepherdstown [WV] Presbyterian Church
Randall Tremba, pastor

Established in 1743, the Shepherdstown church works “to bring the divine dream of a world full of peace, freedom, health, justice, and love to fruition.”  It partners with several local ministries and is currently celebrating a Peacefest initiative with the Muslim community.  This congregation will play a key role in organizing in Shenandoah Presbytery for the upcoming vote on 10-A.

First Presbyterian Church of New Canaan, CT
Paul Gilmore, pastor

Offering “an open, progressive view of theology,” First Presbyterian of New Canaan tries to help its members “to live spiritually, to love inclusively, to learn continuously, and to leave a legacy.”  Its extensive music program includes three children’s choirs, two handbell choirs, and flute, recorder, and brass choirs.

Ginter Park Presbyterian Church, Richmond, VA
Carla Pratt Keyes, pastor

As only the second Covenant congregation in the Presbytery of the James, Ginter Park clergy and elders helped lead the presbytery’s dramatic movement toward broader acceptance of gifted Presbyterians seen in this year’s tie vote on Amendment 10-A.  Former G.A. Moderator and PSCE Ethics Professor Isabel Rogers was an active and valued elder in this congregation before her death.

First Presbyterian Church of Morgantown, WV
Kristine Haig and John Sonnenday, co-pastors

Located in a college town, First Morgantown invites everyone looking for “Spiritual growth / Rest / A chance to live out your faith / A place for your kids / A way to learn / A place for your questions / A friend / Forgiveness  / A reconciling congregation / Refuge / Social justice / Meaningful worship.”  The church supports a number of international missions as well as the campus ministry at West Virginia University.  It recently hosted a showing of the documentary “Out in the Silence.”

Explore the vibrant and varied ministries of these exciting congregations through their websites, or drop by if you are in their neighborhoods!

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