From a Pentecost sermon by Mark Achtemeier: “In times such as these, we need the witness of the church to show our country that it is possible to reach our hands across these deep divides of race and ideology and religion, that a peaceful and united human community is possible, that even deep- seated differences can be overcome by the power of self-giving love.”

Communion of the Different

Covenant Network’s Co-Moderator and Pastor of House of Hope in St. Paul, MN, David Van Dyde, shares a message about Pentecost.

Once the Scales Fell, a Conference Sermon

Katie in pulpit

“Our healing is wrapped up in one another. Apparently, that’s the way God designed it.” The Rev. Katie Morrison talks about the hard work of circling back, in her sermon preached at the 2010 Covenant Conference in Houston.

The Body We Can See from Here


Ted Smith, preaching for the 2009 Conference Acts 1:1-11 One of the deepest themes I have heard over these last few days is the need for a faith that can tell the truth about the presence of God in the church without slipping into triumphalism, a faith that can tell the truth about the violence […]

What could bring a person to change his or her mind about sexuality and ordination? What happened in your case?

- Jack Rogers … I had often said that I could not change my position on homosexuality unless I was convinced by Scripture. By studying the Bible in its historical and cultural context and through the lens of Jesus’ redeeming life and ministry, I have now been convinced that Scripture does not condemn, as such, the […]

A Comprehensive Covenant

Diane Givens Moffett Pastor, St James Presbyterian Church, Greensboro, NC Isaiah 61:8-9; John 3:16; Acts 15:1-3 Many of you may have heard the story of a little girl who was about six years old. She was in school and it was time for an art lesson. The teacher said that this little girl hardly ever […]