Amendment 10-A Vote Chart

July 10, 2011

97 Yes  /  4 Ties, 70 No, 2 Not Reporting

The amendment is approved.

Presbyteries changing compared to 08-B: 23 in favor, 4 opposed
Net gain: 19, out of a required 9
Counted presbyters voting yes:  10749 (55%) / voting no: 8957
(not including 6 presbyteries approving strongly without a recorded tally, 7 disapproving)
Presbytery votes needed to approve Amendment 10-A: 87


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  1. [...] true of conservatives, given the signals already coming from some churches threatening to leave if Amendment 10-A passes. There are evidently some things we cannot agree to disagree on. Of course, I think the [...]

  2. [...] to pray for all whom in other presbyteries will be voting in the next few weeks. If you go to the Covenant Network  you can track the voting on 10A. It looks like the decision will be made very soon. Keep watching [...]

  3. [...] it seems as though the fourth time was the charm. Eighty-seven of the 173 presbyteries needed to vote in favor of ending the ban in order for the change to pass. That number was met and then surpassed [...]

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