LGBT Presbyterian Journeys – A CovNet Video

A gift from the Andrews Foundation made possible this video premiered at the Covenant Network Conference, “Marriage Matters.”

Enjoy, share, and continue the work!


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  1. Lu Kummerow says:

    It is OK but could be better. There is no ethnic diversity as I recall and you need to include people who are in differing places in their emotional life as it pertains to sexuality; some still angry, some sad, others elated. My story is not here and happened in 1968. Since the church did not accept the glorious, joyous love that I experienced with a woman, and even said I was damned and excluded from God, I was absolutely sure, down to the core of my being, that a church that was so horribly flawed and wrong on this essential point about love and love relationships was wrong about everything else and really did not know God.

  2. Jeff Winter says:

    How is the Covenant Network working to include former gay persons (ex-gays) in our denomination? These people are the most marginalized persons in the PCUSA. And so, how will Covenant Network and for that matter the entire church seek to include their stories in the life of our denomination.

  3. I wonder if Jeff Winter also believes the church should work to include ex-heterosexual persons. If you are not gay you simply do not understand the issue.

  4. John Keenan says:

    Quo vadis PCUSA?

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